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‘I’m the Chancellor!’: Top University Official Chews Out Cops After Fender Bender (WATCH)


Video shows a really awkward moment involving Nancy Cantor, chancellor of Rutgers University-Newark, and campus cops. The school official has apologized after body cam footage showed her chewing out cops who briefly held her at the scene of a fender bender. In the video, Cantor also made sure to mention that she was the chancellor.

“If I miss my airplane, you folks are in trouble,” she said in the clip above.

This incident stems from a minor car accident in March, according to Cantor told cops she was on her way to the airport when her driver’s vehicle was in a fender bender involving a police vehicle.

Officers detained Cantor and her driver at the scene while they reviewed whatever damage may have resulted. The chancellor had no patience. As seen on footage, one of the cops arrived at the scene, and asked who she was.

“I’m the chancellor!” she yelled.

“Okay,” said the officer. “I don’t know.”

Cantor insisted that she was on the sidewalk by the car when the incident happened. Her staffers also argued with police.

One of them suggested that holding Cantor was okay under different circumstances, but not now. She suggested that cops could’ve just taken a picture of Cantor and let her go.

“She’s on university business,” the staffer said, asking rhetorically if they’d have done this if Cantor was president of the United States. “No, you wouldn’t.”

The staffer also chided officers for following policy by a rote process.

It’s months later, however, and Cantor now says she’s sorry.

“The chancellor just recently saw the video of the incident from several months ago and reached out to the officers with an apology,” the university said in a statement to “They have responded with appreciation for her sentiments.”

Rutgers-Newark Police Chief Carmelo “John” Huertas said they accepted the apology.

[Screengrab via Rutgers-Newark Police]

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