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‘I Am Coming for You’: Avenatti Announces He Won’t Face Charges, Takes Aim at Jacob Wohl for Alleged Setup


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Michael Avenatti announced on Friday that he will not be facing any charges following his arrest on suspicion of domestic violence. In a pair of tweets, the attorney who gained notoriety for representing Stormy Daniels stated that the matter was investigated by authorities, and that prosecutors are not pursuing a case against him.

“I am extremely thankful that after three thorough investigations, one by the LAPD, one by the LA District Attorney, and one by the LA City Attorney, the truth of my innocence is now established and no charges are being brought,” Avenatti said. “Every purported victim should have her or his claims investigated. Here, that is exactly what happened.” Avenatti thanked officers and prosecutors for how they handled the case.

Avenatti was arrested back in November. According to court documents, actress Mareli Miniutti claimed that she and Avenatti had been arguing over money on Nov. 13, when he allegedly called her an “ungrateful f**king bitch,” before hitting her in the face with pillows, grabbing her by the wrist, and pulling her off a bed. Miniutti claimed she managed to get away and was texting a friend, when Avenatti allegedly took the phone away from her, grabbed her by the arm, and dragged her into the hallway of the apartment building. When she rang a neighbor’s doorbell, she said, he grabbed her again and made her go back inside.

Los Angeles County prosecutors investigated the matter and decided not to file felony charges. They referred the case to city prosecutors for possible misdemeanor charges, and Avenatti now says he won’t face those either.

Miniutti was granted a restraining order against Avenatti, which was extended on January 23.

After stating that he is not facing charges, Avenatti took aim at gossip site TMZ and right-wing writer and Donald Trump supporter Jacob Wohl. TMZ’s initial report of Avenatti’s arrest said that the alleged victim was his wife, which was false, and described injuries that were inconsistent with the allegations included in court documents. Wohl, meanwhile, fresh off being accused of trying to set up false allegations against Special Counsel Robert Mueller, got involved in the story when the Twitter account of a company linked to him appeared to take credit for Avenatti’s arrest.

Since then, Avenatti has taken aim at Wohl, and he continued to do so on Friday.

“I am coming for you,” Avenatti wrote, addressing Wohl and TMZ. “In America, you are not permitted to fabricate stories and facts against someone because he is a huge threat to the person you want as president. The truth will be known and you will be held accountable.”

While Avenatti claims that the prosecution’s decision is indicative of his innocence, Miniutti’s attorney Michael Bachner didn’t see it that way. He claimed that Miniutti was never even interviewed by city prosecutors.

“Today, my office was notified by the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office that although they believe that Ms. Miniutti was in fact assaulted by Mr. Avenatti, that no formal charges were being brought because they were concerned that a jury would not convict him,” Bachner said in a statement to Law&Crime. “It is an outrage that this decision was made particularly since Ms. Miniutti was never interviewed by any member of the City Attorney’s Office, despite our requests,  and despite the pictures of her injuries. It is clear to us that the City Attorney simply found it easier to avoid doing its job.”

Note: This article has been updated with a statement from attorney Michael Bachner.

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