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Here’s Where We Found Bill Clinton’s Name In Newly Unsealed Jeffrey Epstein Court Documents


ARLINGTON, VA - JUNE 06: Former President Bill Clinton speaks during a Remembrance and Celebration of the Life & Enduring Legacy of Robert F. Kennedy event taking place at Arlington National Cemetery on June 6, 2018 in Arlington, Virginia.

Bill Clinton‘s name appears — almost in stealth — on several pages of a massive cache of court documents released late Thursday in cases surrounding Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, and accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre. Finding Clinton’s name requires digging; it is not electronically searchable in the papers made public after protracted litigation.

Law&Crime combined all 47 individual documents unsealed Thursday night into one master document available below for reference.  The page numbers cited are from the master document Law&Crime has created.

Here are several references to Clinton made during a phone call between Giuffre and lawyers in the case (page 145):

More from the same telephonic discussion (page 152):

The conversation spilled onto the next page (153):

A separate discussion about Clinton emerged on page 290.  It surrounded whether Maxwell ever flew Clinton to Epstein’s island.  Giuffre was attempting to clear up press reports attributed to her which indicated she had personally observed such doings.  Giuffre said she had not seen it directly, but that Giuffre instead bragged about doing it:

The documents Law&Crime has reviewed thus far do not directly allege or implicate Clinton in any sexual wrongdoing; they merely claim he was present on Epstein’s island with Epstein, Maxwell, and “2 young girls . . . from New York.”

Clinton has denied having ever been on Epstein’s island.  The Independent summarized one of his many denials as follows:

After Epstein was busted in July 2019, Mr. Clinton insisted he knew nothing about the crimes [alleged] against his former friend [Epstein], but he did confess to riding on the financier’s private jet four times.

In a statement, a Clinton spokesperson previously said that “he has never been to Little St. James Island, Epstein’s ranch in New Mexico, or his residence in Florida.”

This past May, Clinton spokesperson Angel Urena told the New York Post that the lies about Clinton’s presence on the island would not somehow become “true” merely because they were being frequently and widely repeated.

“This was a lie the first time it was told, and it isn’t true today, no matter how many times it’s repeated,” the Post quoted Urena as saying.

Donald Trump‘s name appears on page 133 of the master document below.  He is listed as the owner of the Mar-A-Lago resort.

Jeffrey Epstein Documents – Unsealed Thursday, July 30 by Law&Crime on Scribd

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