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Former Federal Prosecutor: Donald Trump Jr. Needs to Be ‘Worried’ About Michael Cohen’s Guilty Pleas


It’s definitely been a productive 2018 for Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team in terms of piling up guilty pleas, but what’s 2019 going to look like and who’s next? Former federal prosecutor and current CNN legal analyst Elie Honig discussed that subject Friday on New Day, arguing that Donald Trump Jr. could have reason to worry in the new year.

Honig began by saying that long-time Trump advisor Roger Stone and right-wing author Jerome Corsi are prime indictment candidates, given that both men “have said they expect to be indicted.”

“I think they might be right,” he said. “Both were conduits between WikiLeaks — WikiLeaks and the Trump campaign.” Donald Trump Jr., while his legal peril has been rumored and whispered about, has not come forward to say he expects to be indicted. Despite this, Honig surmised that Trump Jr. “needs to be a little bit worried.” He pointed to Michael Cohen‘s guilty pleas in the Southern District of New York and the Mueller probe.

Cohen, who implicated President Donald Trump in a hush payment scheme when he pleaded guilty to committing campaign finance violations, appears to have also implicated other unidentified executives at the Trump Organization.

“When Michael Cohen pleaded guilty a couple weeks ago to making the hush money payments, the papers referenced Executive-1 and Executive-2 within the Trump Organization. Either of those are Donald Trump Jr., he could be in trouble,” Honig continued. “He also has potential exposure for lying to Congress about the Moscow Project, which is another thing that Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to, so we could see indictments there.”

It should be noted on that last point about Trump Jr. and his testimony to Congress about the Moscow Project that there does not appear to be a smoking gun. Instead, NPR has had to walk back a report suggesting that there was. Still, the Special Counsel’s Office has repeatedly busted people for lying.

You can watch a portion of the CNN segment in the player above.

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