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Forensic Psychiatrist: Robert Kraft Has ‘Been Punished Enough’ Already


The misdemeanor solicitation of prostitution charges New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft faces–and the ensuing national news coverage of them–are punishment enough, a forensic psychiatrist said Wednesday on the Law&Crime Network.

“I can’t help thinking that this is somewhat of a tempest in a teapot,” Dr. Carole Lieberman said. “And if Robert Kraft hadn’t been one of the men in this sting operation–entrapment, in my idea–we wouldn’t be paying attention to it. He has been punished enough. I hope that the judge doesn’t decide that the tape can be public, but even if it isn’t, he has been punished enough by all of this humiliation.”

Kraft’s attorneys are in court Wednesday attempting to suppress video of their client from his criminal case for allegedly soliciting prostitution. Footage purportedly shows the football honcho receiving certain services at the Orchids of Asia Day Spa in Jupiter, Florida. A number of the women allegedly involved and their so-called johns also face charges connected to the case, but this whole thing caught national attention because of the involvement of a Super Bowl-winning defendant.

Police collected video evidence after obtaining a “sneak and peek” warrant and installing hidden cameras at the spa. Kraft’s lawyers said that this was overkill for what were supposed to be misdemeanor offenses, according to court filings obtained by Law&Crime. The defendant was charged with two counts of soliciting prostitution. They’ve also taken law enforcement to task for initially categorizing this as a human trafficking case, even though no human trafficking charges were filed.

Media outlets attempted to obtain video of Kraft’s alleged encounters at the spa, but a judge ruled that it must remain under seal, at least for the duration of the case.

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