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Fmr Trump Aide Caputo: ‘Bogus’ Collusion Theory Started Because Hillary Clinton ‘Was So Embarrassed By Losing’


MSNBC’s Ari Melber conducted a riveting panel interview Wednesday with four individuals who have been questioned by Special Counsel Robert Mueller‘s team. The discussion with Carter PageMichael CaputoSam Nunberg, and Jerome Corsi featured a number of twists, turns, and accusations against people including Mueller and Roger Stone. In the end, however, Caputo seemed to place the blame for what he’s gone through on none other than Hillary Clinton.

When Melber asked the panelists if they would do anything different, knowing what they know now, Caputo, who served in a communications role for the Trump campaign, said the following:

The thing I regret the most was getting involved in the 2016 campaign. Because I didn’t know then what I know now. What I know now is that Hillary Clinton was so certain that she was going to win that she was absolutely embarrassed by losing that they created this false Russian, this bogus Russian collusion narrative.

Caputo said that the resulting controversy and investigation “consumed my family,” and that he has faced death threats due to his involvement with the campaign.

“I lost two years of my life,” he said. “We don’t get this time back.”

Caputo had the least experience with Mueller’s office compared to the rest of the panel, having only spoken to them for just three hours. Page, who of the panelists spent the most time with Mueller’s team, believed that the problems stemmed from before the special counsel took over the investigation.. The Special Counsel’s Office, Page said, has acted professionally and legitimately, but he blames the FBI for conducting surveillance of him before Mueller was appointed.

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