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Even Judge Napolitano Thinks Trump’s Sanctuary City Policy Will Lose in Court


On Monday, Fox News Senior Judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano weighed-in on Chicago’s pending lawsuit over the federal government’s sanctuary city policy. Naturally, Trump-fan Judge Nap will take the government’s side in this–

“The courts will stop him [Attorney General Jeff Sessions],” he said.

Wait, what? You heard that right, Napolitano thinks the policy is a legal loser.

Sessions promised that local governments will lose grant money if they fail to give federal authorities advance notice when undocumented immigrants are going to be released from custody. In response, Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel threatened a lawsuit against the federal government.

During a segment on Monday, Napolitano pointed out this grant money isn’t the Trump administration’s money to take, however. That grant was from the Obama-era, and at the time, there were no strings attached in the original bill that Congress passed related to helping the feds with immigration.

“There was no string attached: ‘You will help us find illegal immigrants,'” Napolitano said. He argued that Sessions is adding another “string” after the fact. Hence: “The courts will stop him.”

But this doesn’t mean the administration can’t try a similar tactic in the future, he said. Congress hasn’t passed a budget yet, so when they do, they can make grant money depend on whether city officials help federal immigration authorities.

[Screengrab via Fox News]

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