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Elizabeth Warren: Trump Would Be in ‘Handcuffs and Indicted’ if He Was Not President


Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), one of two dozen Democrats running for president in 2020, has continued her calls for the impeachment of President Donald Trump. Warren stopped by the set of the The View on Thursday morning to say that the only reason the president isn’t in custody is that he is the president.

“Donald Trump did everything he could to derail, stop, halt, obstruct that investigation,” Warren said. “That is a violation of the law. If he were anyone other than President of the United States, he would be in handcuffs and indicted.”

Warren said that Special Counsel Robert Mueller served up “multiple examples” of obstruction of justice and that Congress has a duty to impeach Trump.

“I didn’t take an oath to support Donald Trump. I took an oath to support the Constitution of the United States. So, impeachment it is,” she added.

This rhetoric is in keeping with what Warren was saying as recently as Wednesday. Warren, responding to Mueller’s brief public statement, declared that the Mueller Report is “an impeachment referral, and it’s up to Congress to act.”

Warren argued that 1) Mueller’s refusal to exonerate the president, 2) Mueller’s emphasis that he was unable to indict the president given DOJ guidelines, and 3) Mueller’s mentioning that impeachment is the constitutional way to hold a president accountable all add up to there being “no doubt” about whether the Mueller Report was an impeachment referral.

Warren became the first Democratic candidate for president to call for the impeachment of Trump. Back in April, she tweeted the following:

The Mueller report lays out facts showing that a hostile foreign government attacked our 2016 election to help Donald Trump and Donald Trump welcomed that help. Once elected, Donald Trump obstructed the investigation into that attack. Mueller put the next step in the hands of Congress: “Congress has authority to prohibit a President’s corrupt use of his authority in order to protect the integrity of the administration of justice.” The correct process for exercising that authority is impeachment.

Warren finished her thread with this:

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