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Donald Trump Jr. Fires Shot Across the Bow at Rep. Justin Amash: ‘See You Soon’


The president’s son Donald Trump Jr. wants Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) to know he will see him soon on the campaign trail in Michigan, where Trump Jr. will presumably back Amash challenger, Jim Lower. Lower, a Republican who said he voted for Amash three times and was upset by the congressman’s calls for President Donald Trump‘s impeachment, is hoping to unseat Amash in Michigan’s 3rd District in 2020.

The statement: “See you soon Justin… I hear Michigan is beautiful during primary season.”

Trump Jr. made this remark while also linking to a Practical Political Consulting poll from Wednesday. The poll showed the Lower leads Amash by 16 percentage points (Lower, 49%-Amash, 33%).

The plain meaning of Trump Jr.’s words:

Amash, for his part, was unfazed by the inauspicious polling numbers.

“First, I’m not going to lose, and second, I don’t have any regrets about doing the right thing [on impeachment],” he said. “I didn’t run for office to sell out my principles to the party or to any one person”

He also responded directly to Trump Jr., saying, “If it’s what you say I love it especially later in the summer.”

Lower, in case you missed it, specifically moved up the announcement of his House run last month to respond to Amash’s comments.

“I was like, I can’t let this go by without commenting on it,” he told the Greenville Daily News. “It’s not every day your Congressman says your president should be impeached.”

Amash is the only Republican member of Congress to take a stand on impeachment after Special Counsel Robert Mueller handed in his confidential report. Amash composed lengthy Twitter threads on a few occasions to criticize the president. He has also criticized Attorney General William Barr for his his handling of the Mueller Report.

May 18

May 20 

May 23

May 28

June 7

Amash stepped down from the House Freedom Caucus on Monday — a caucus he co-founded in 2015.

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