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Coroner Identifies One of the Students Killed in the Saugus High School Shooting


Gracie Anne Muehlberger, 15, has been identified as one of the students who died in a school shooting Thursday in Santa Clarita, California. The Los Angeles County coroner’s office named her on Friday, according to KTLA.

Before Muehlberger was officially identified, authorities initially said she was 16. She celebrated her 15th birthday last month. Muehlberger and a 14-year-old boy, who has not yet been identified, were shot and killed in the shooting at Saugus High School. The other victims have been described as a 14-year-old girl, a 15-year-old girl, and a 14-year-old boy.

The father of one of the girls released a photo of her recovering in the hospital.

Law enforcement sources identified the suspect on background, according to CNN.

Choir teacher Katie Holt described her vantage point of the shooting, and said she helped one of the teen girls who was shot.

“She was shot in her side, and then she told me she thought she had been shot, as well, in her arm,” Holt said in an NBC News report on Thursday. “I looked, and she had been shot in her shoulder, as well — but I only had one gunshot wound kit.”

She said she applied the kit to the girl’s shoulder and asked a “really brave freshman” named Tyler to apply pressure, so she could then work on the side wound. The teacher said that she learned from the girl’s friends and family that she would be okay.

The motive behind the shooting remains under unclear. The suspect allegedly shot himself, and is in serious condition.

[Image of memorial for Santa Clarita shooting via FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP via Getty Images]

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