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Christy Mack Tearfully Opens Up About Emotional Connection to War Machine After Trial


Christy Mack will appear on Real Sports with Bryant Gumble on Tuesday night, her first television interview since an ex-boyfriend was convicted for attacking and sexual assaulting her. The man, a former mixed martial arts fighter who changed his legal name to War Machine, may go to prison for life.

She shared some details about her complicated relationship with the man who beat her so violently that she needed reconstructive surgery to her face.

“I never looked at him except for when I was asked to identify him, and there was one time in–I believe it was the initial hearing–when he mouthed that he loved me, and that was extremely difficult,” she said, sitting by prosecutor Jacqueline Bluth. “And I began bawling immediately because for a long time I did feel emotionally connected to him.”

“That really doesn’t go away so easily, huh?” asked interviewer David Scott.

“It doesn’t,” she said. “It stays with you for a long time. And while I don’t feel the love that I used to feel for him now, going through this process with somebody that you did love, or that I felt like I loved, is extremely hard.”

In March, a Nevada jury convicted War Machine on 29 of 34 charges. The most serious, kidnapping with a deadly weapon resulting in substantial bodily harm, could net him at least 40 years in prison, and maybe even life. Jurors were hung in regard to the two attempted murder charges. He was also found not guilty on five charges, including burglary and coercion.

The case garnered a lot of attention because Mack, legal name Christine Mackinday, used to be a porn star. War Machine had some success in MMA, fighting for Bellator and the UFC.

Mack’s full interview will appear on a Real Sports episode premiering Tuesday at 10pm EST.

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