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Carter Page Doesn’t Have a Lawyer, and He’s Super Proud of It


Trump campaign adviser Carter Page‘s appearance on MSNBC’s “All In” on Sunday was notable because he readily answered a lot of questions. The degree to which Page was eager to please and reveal seemingly incriminating information surprised even host Chris Hayes. By providing so many answers, Page raised one big question: Does he have a lawyer? As it turns out, no. No he doesn’t.

According to USA Today‘s Brad Heath, Page is representing himself, even as he spent five hours before the Senate Intelligence Committee. During his MSNBC interview, Hayes asked if Page had legal representation, to which Page replied that he has “informal advisers” and a “formal adviser.” Whatever that means, apparently that doesn’t include an attorney.

In addition to answering questions from Senators, and the occasional cable news host, Page has said that he has been cooperating with federal investigators in the probe of the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia. He’s also suing Yahoo News and HuffPost over stories about the infamous Trump dossier, and he’s representing himself.

Page, who is not a lawyer, is thrilled about it. He said, “The past few months has been one of the greatest pleasures of my life.” He added, “You don’t fully appreciate the law and a just, functioning legal system, until you’ve had your basic civil rights so severely abused based on the lies funded by rich political patrons.”

Of course, one way to prevent being abused by the legal system is to hire a professional who knows the law, but apparently that’s not as much fun.

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