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Candidate for Governor Breastfeeds in Campaign Ad (VIDEO)


Former state representative and current candidate for Governor of Wisconsin Kelda Roys (D), recently released a new campaign video where she can be seen breastfeeding her baby while she discusses the issue of Bisphenol A (BPA), a toxic chemical used in items like baby bottles. Roys discusses how when she was part of the state legislature, she worked to ban BPA, which she says is harmful to children and not sufficiently regulated by the FDA.

While talking about her efforts to ban the substance, Roys’ husband comes over with their crying baby, which she proceeds to nurse, all while she continues her story about how she was going door to door to provide legislative updates, including the BPA-Free Kids Act, which was eventually passed. It highlights her position as being a candidate who believes that government should help people, by showing that she’s one of those people.

“Democracy only works when we all get involved,” she says.

As Roys nurses, she goes on with the anecdote of how she was going through a neighborhood, and after handing information to one mother, the woman then brought up Roys’ fight against BPA, saying that one of her own children had a medical issue that a doctor blamed on the substance.

“Are we taking our orders from people, or are we taking them from chemical corporations that don’t care at all about what people need?” Roys asked.

Roys is facing 13 other candidates in the Democratic primary on August 14. The winner will face Republican incumbent Gov. Scott Walker in the general election.

[Image via screengrab via Kelda Roys for Governor]

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