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Roger Stone Says Paul Manafort Will Likely Be Indicted


Donald Trump‘s former presidential campaign chief Paul Manafort is likely to be indicted, according to former Trump campaign adviser Roger Stone.

Earlier this morning, CNN‘s Kaitlan Collins tweeted that Stone learned of the likely indictment via his own attorneys–who themselves learned of the indictment from Manafort’s attorneys.

Odds on the apparently likely indictment bearing some relationship to special counsel Robert Mueller‘s wide-ranging Russia investigation are high.

Before signing up for Trump 2016, Manafort worked to “benefit” the administration of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

At this point, however, it’s unclear exactly what contours any potential indictment may take–either in relationship to the particularities of any potential crimes Manafort may have committed or any of the specific activities that may have led to any potential crimes.

This is a breaking story. LawNewz will have more information and update this post as it becomes available.

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