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Bold Tavern Patron Lights Up Cigarette, Doesn’t Give a Sh*t When Gunman Robs Premises (VIDEO)


Here’s today’s dose of unbelievable news: A patron at a Missouri tavern pretty much called a gunman’s bluff early Wednesday morning, and continued smoking as the individual robbed the premises.

Police were pretty scant on details. They told Law&Crime that there were five male victims, and a woman. The suspect ordered everyone to the ground, took their things, stole money from the register, and fled the scene on foot, cops said.

Surveillance footage tells a slightly more colorful story. Bystanders dove for cover as a gunman entered Behrmann’s Tavern just a little after midnight on Wednesday–except for one man. A bespectacled guy remained sitting at the bar, checking out his phone, drinking his beverage of choice.

The gunman attempts to take this person’s phone. Does the man give it up? No. No, he doesn’t, not even with the rifle jabbed to his side. He outright jerks the phone away from the suspect.

The gunman worked his way briefly behind the bar. Mr. Glasses lit up a cigarette. To be sure, the fear of danger was real inside the premises.

“My biggest concern was for the people that were sitting there,” bartender Dustin Krueger told KMOV4. The suspect, for example, took one customer’s wallet. But the bespectacled man was apparently very unflustered.

“He just was very adamant about it like, ‘I’m not playing your game,'” said Krueger.

Police described the unidentified gunman as a black male. Officers seek him for first-degree robbery. The investigation remains ongoing. No injuries were reported.

[Screengrab via Behrmann’s Tavern]

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