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Body Cam Video Shows Police Fatally Shooting Miles Jackson in Ohio Hospital


The Columbus Police Department on Wednesday released police officer body cam footage showing the fatal shooting of Miles Jackson, 27, who was killed after exchanging gunfire with officers in the emergency room of St. Ann’s Hospital in Ohio on Monday.

Officers were responding to a call about a man sleeping in a parking lot — later identified as Jackson — and called medics for assistance. Jackson was brought to the emergency room so he could be examined by a doctor. In the video, Jackson is hastily patted down before entering an ambulance. Shortly after arriving at St. Ann’s, police officers who accompanied Jackson to the hospital soon learned there was a warrant out for his arrest for domestic violence and weapons. The officers involved have since been identified as Ryan Kirchbaum and Andrew Howe.

In the video, two officers begin to empty the contents of Jackson’s pockets. After removing several items, including a bullet and what appeared to be a short stack of credit cards which one officer said all had different names, the officer appears to notice something hidden in the front of Jackson’s pants and immediately asks the other officer to help him secure Jackson’s arms behind his back.

Jackson accuses the cops of trying to grab his “balls” while they were trying to figure out what was in Jackson’s pants.

It turns out Jackson had a gun.

A struggle between the three men ensues. Jackson desperately tries to keep one of his arms in front of his body. One of the officers tases Jackson in the back.  The men fall to the ground.

“It’s still in there,” one of the officers says regarding the gun in Jackson’s pants.

Jackson’s gun then fires a single shot. One officer quickly exits the room. The other officer fires one shot in response; his handgun jams.

Jackson is on the ground and is not visible in the video because a medical bed is blocking the camera’s view.

For approximately five minutes, officers repeatedly tell Jackson to put his hands in the air and take one of his hands off of the gun. Jackson responds by saying he’s afraid to move and that he’s leaning on his hand and the gun.

“Get your hand up, dude. You’ve got four guns on you. You make the wrong fucking move, and you’re gone, you understand that?”

“I’m not going to do nothing,” Jackson said in response to repeated commands to put his right hand slowly on his head or in the air.

“I’m laying on it,” Jackson said with regards to the gun. “I’m putting the gun down, and . . . ”

Officers interrupted him.

“Do not touch the gun. Let go of the gun and put both of your hands up over your head. Over your head!” an officer continues to yell.

“I swear to God, man!” an officer says.

Officers then fire another Taser at Jackson — and what appears to be a gunshot is heard going off.  A hail of gunfire ensues. The number of bullets fired is nearly impossible to count, but the recording suggests at least a dozen rounds are fired.

When the gunfire ends, the the officer wearing the body camera exhales and sighs.

“Fuck,” he exclaims.

Officers quickly enter the room and began immediately call for a doctor and medics. Officers put Jackson’s limp body on the medical gurney which blocked most of Jackson’s movements from the view of the camera. A massive pool of blood is visible on the floor. Officers radio in that the scene and the suspect are secure.

A female officer wearing a white shirt eventually appears to help the officer whose body camera captured the scene out of the room.

“We’re going to get some fresh air.  We’re going to breathe deeply,” said another male voice off camera who helped the officer wearing the body camera out of the hospital.  “Stay with me though, already?  I’m going to get an officer support guy with you as soon as possible.”

According to a report from NBC News, Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost (R) said that preliminary test performed on Jackson’s gun showed that more than one shot was fired by the suspect who died. That appears consistent with the video above.

“BCI continues to interview witnesses and complete further forensic analysis to determine all of the facts,” Yost said. “Partial facts only provide partial truth.”

The Detroit Free Press reported that authorities are unsure how Jackson was able to get the firearm into the hospital or whether it was missed during his initial pat down.

[image via YouTube screengrab]

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