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Bias Keeps Jurors Out of Justin Ross Harris Hot Car Death Trial


jrh7Jury selection keeps on going in the Justin Ross Harris hot car death murder trial, and it seems like the court just can’t catch a break. With so many people having knowledge of the case and rather strong opinions about it, there was finally one juror Tuesday who actually doesn’t know much about the case!

But not so fast. Turns out they’re a student and can’t serve on a long trial.

So Juror 65 had to go, but maybe Juror 66 would be just as impartial.

Well, so much for that.

After them, it was more of the same, including a juror who works at Home Depot like Harris did, and thinks he’s guilty, and a woman who said she’s biased against Harris and that Cooper reminds her of her grandson. Good luck with that one.

Luckily, another impartial juror appeared, giving us some hope.

The selection process does appear finally to be nearing its end, with maybe another dozen jurors left to round out the pool. Stay with for continuing coverage of the trial. We will also provide a lifestream of the trial. More to come.

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