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Avenatti Mocks Trump’s ‘Physical Shape’ After Taking Him to Task for ‘Horseface’ Comment


Michael Avenatti vigorously defended his client Stormy Daniels after President Donald Trump made fun of her appearance in a tweet on Tuesday. Then Wednesday morning, he attacked Trump’s physical characteristics.

The president had tweeted about his victory in the defamation case Daniels brought against him, calling her “Horseface” in the process. Avenatti tweeted a video message blasting the attack Tuesday afternoon.

“Donald Trump should be ashamed of himself,” Avenatti said. “I don’t care if you’re on the right, the left, or the center, no man should call a woman a horseface, especially the president of the United States.”

By Wednesday morning, however, Avenatti went from sticking up for his client to going on the offensive against Trump, disparaging both his physical and mental states. In a tweet, the attorney said that Trump “is in the worst physical shape of any modern President and is starting to exhibit signs of dementia.”

Avenatti went on to imply that Trump’s physical and mental condition may affect his ability to do his job properly. His post went on to say, “Shouldn’t we expect the POTUS to maintain a minimal level of physical and mental fitness? If he didn’t have the stamina for the job, he shouldn’t have taken it.”

These comments echo the reasoning made by critics of Trump who believe that he should be removed from office via the 25th Amendment. That Amendment allows for the Vice President and the cabinet to deem the president unfit for office, installing the Vice President as Acting President until the elected president is deemed able to resume his or her duties. Past calls to do this to Trump focused solely on his alleged mental well-being, while Avenatti is now commenting on his physical condition as well.

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