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Avenatti Demands Michael Cohen Prove He’ll ‘Do the Right Thing’ by Signing One Simple Statement


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Not long after suggesting he’d consider representing Michael Cohen (despite all of the obvious conflicts that could prevent such a thing), Michael Avenatti is demanding that Cohen show once and for all that he’s serious about “doing the right thing.”

Avenatti said on Twitter that Cohen has to immediately release all tapes in his possession, “come clean,” and quit playing games to prove that his intentions are pure, particularly when it comes to cooperating with federal investigators currently combing through Cohen’s files.

“If Mr. Cohen really wants to do the right thing, he must IMMEDIATELY: 1) release ALL OF THE TAPES; 2) release the rest of the evidence (texts and emails); 3) come clean about his conduct & that of Mr. Trump; and 4) state in writing he will not accept a pardon. NO MORE GAMES,” he said.

That wasn’t all, though.

Avenatti demanded that Cohen should put in writing right now that he will not accept a pardon from President Donald Trump as proof of sincerity.

“[Cohen’s attorney] Lanny Davis went on @GMA and stated Michael Cohen does not want a pardon. If true, Cohen should sign a statement this morning stating he will not under any circumstances accept a pardon from Mr. Trump and release it publicly. If he refuses to do this, it is telling. #Basta,” he said.

Up to now, all indications have been that Cohen is not and has not been counting on a pardon anyway.

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