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Ann Coulter Awkwardly and Incorrectly Defends the Honor of ‘Senator’ Tulsi Gabbard


Conservative author and pundit Ann Coulter, who is generally not a fan of the Democratic Party, has demonstrated an interesting affinity for one of the party’s presidential hopefuls, Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard. Coulter cheered on the controversial Gabbard during June’s presidential debate — tweeting “Go Tulsi!” — after the congresswoman fact-checked Democratic Rep. Tim Ryan of Ohio. Coulter has even said she was impressed with Gabbard, calling her “the only genuinely anti-war candidate.”

The polemical pundit may want to do a little more background research before casting her 2020 ballot, however, because Coulter’s latest attempt to defend Gabbard backfired in a big way. Thursday on Twitter, Coulter got wrong one of the most basic facts about Gabbard.

“For all you foolish Tulsi Gabbard fans…she just voted for the illegal impeachment coup,” Twitter user Catturd (“The MAGA turd who talks shit”) commented. “She’s just a better looking Nancy Pelosi.”

Apparently believing she was about to educate this person, Coulter proceeded to face-plant.

“No she didn’t,” Coulter incorrectly replied. “Tulsi is a SENATOR, meaning she’s in the SENATE and doesn’t vote on HOUSE resolutions.”

Literally none of what Coulter wrote was true, and her critics were quick to let her know. Below are just some of the responses that are still piling up.

In short, Gabbard is not a U.S. Senator and did vote “yes” on the House impeachment rules resolution. 

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