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Alan Dershowitz: Virginia Roberts Giuffre ‘Does Not Understand the Difference Between Truth and Lies’ (WATCH)


In a live interview early Friday evening on the Law&Crime Network, elite lawyer and Harvard Law School Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz went off on accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre after a newly unsealed cache of documents was released in cases surrounding Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

“She admits, essentially, that she never met me,” Dershowitz said of Giuffre.

Dershowitz said Giuffre added his name to her book because he was “famous” and because mentioning him would help sell the book.  “She then mentions me in the manuscript as someone who she did not have sex with,” Dershowitz said.

Giuffre has alleged that she was furnished to Dershowitz for sex.

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“Her own lawyers have admitted — David Boies on tape — that it would be impossible for me to have met with her and that she is wrong — simply wrong,” Dershowitz further said of Giuffre.  He added that the evidence proves he never met her.

“If her own lawyers don’t believe her, why should the media believe her?  Why should anybody believe her?” Dershowitz asked. “This is a serial liar.”

Dershowitz said Giuffre was pressured by her lawyers to accuse him.  He cited that claim to statements made by Giuffre’s own friends.

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Dershowitz said he is not worried about Ghislaine Maxwell’s depositions becoming public because — assuming they are truthful — they would not implicate him of wrongdoing.

He further said he never saw Maxwell do anything improper.

Then, Dershowitz again cut in to Giuffre:

Nobody should be concerned about being accused by Virginia Giuffre.  She does not understand the difference between truth and lies.  Nothing she says about anybody should be believed.  If there’s evidence; if there’s corroboration; then people should be concerned.  But, just based on her word?  No.  Nobody should believe a word she says.  She’s lied about everything.  She has a history of lying, and she continues to lie.  And, she’s a perjurer.

“My goal is to get her indicted for perjury,” Dershowitz said elsewhere of Giuffre.  He is already suing Giuffre and Boies with accusations of defamation.

Critically, Dershowitz said the time frame when Giuffre knew Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell is not included in the federal indictment against Maxwell.  The Maxwell charges involve alleged acts which are either prior to or subsequent to the period when Giuffre was in the picture.  Dershowitz insinuated, but did not directly state, that the exclusion of that period from the indictment is a sign that federal authorities believed Giuffre was a poor witness.

Dershowitz said the charges against Maxwell are not very strong.

“Thank you for giving me an opportunity to tell the truth,” Dershowitz concluded the interview by saying.

Dershowitz was interviewed by attorney and Law&Crime Network host Jesse Weber.

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