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After ‘Random’ Meeting at Italian Restaurant, Avenatti Says He’s Ready to Rep Cohen on One Condition (VIDEO)


Because 2018 is the gift that keeps on giving, Stormy Daniels‘ attorney Michael Avenatti has expressed an openness to the idea of representing none other than President Donald Trump‘s ex- attorney, Michael Cohen — that is, if Cohen is “prepared to do the right thing.”

Avenatti made an appearance on MSNBC, where he was interviewed by host Ari Melber.

“If he was prepared to do the right thing and come clean, and basically turn state’s evidence, I would absolutely consider it, in an effort to disclose information and bring the truth to the American people,” he said.

Melber then asked if Cohen was aware of Avenatti’s willingness to do that. Avenatti declined to answer the question.

“Does that mean it’s likely yes, because if it were no you could just say no you’ve never discussed it with him?” Melber asked.

Avenatti replied by saying he’s always thought that Melber was a skilled questioner and smart lawyer. Melber said he “wasn’t interested in flattery.”

“You can draw your own conclusions,” Avenatti replied.

Avenatti then alluded to a “random and productive” meeting he had with Cohen at a high-end Italian restaurant in New York City called Scalinatella.

He said “Michael Cohen and I had a chance to converse” and had what he called a “very positive meeting.”

“I came away from that meeting very encouraged by ultimately how all of this may work out. We’re going to see what happens in the coming days and weeks,” he said.

Avenatti said he just happened to be seated six feet away from Cohen at an Italian restaurant he’s been going to for the last 15 years.

Law&Crime’s Ronn Blitzer wrote earlier Friday that “How productive, and regarding what [the two spoke about], could be problematic, considering there are rules against lawyers talking to another party in a case if that person has legal representation, unless the other lawyer allows it.”

“Basically, that means that if Avenatti and Cohen talked about Daniels’ case against Cohen without anyone from Cohen’s legal team giving the okay, Avenatti could get in trouble and face discipline from the State Bar’s board of trustees,” Blitzer reported. “Disciplinary action for violating the rules can include public or private reprimand, suspension of one’s license to practice law, or disbarment.”

All of this being said, there are some pretty glaring conflicts that need to be resolved if Team Avenatti-Cohen were to happen.

[Image via MSNBC screengrab]

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