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Actress Kate del Castillo Ordered to Testify About El Chapo


Mexican entertainer and producer Kate del Castillo was ordered to testify about her relationship with drug kingpin El Chapo a few weeks ago, but she didn’t show up because she had been banking on protection from the consulate in the United States. Now, the Office of the Attorney General has released an order of presentation that will force her to appear in Mexico, according to Univision.

“We respect the presumption of innocence,” insisted prosecutor Arely Gómez González, who has been handling the case. It appears that she heard del Castillo’s previous complaints about the Mexican government.

The order, which was released yesterday, means that if del Castillo were to go to Mexico, she would be detained and question. Upon the order’s release, she requested an injunction against any part of the order that would involve “deprivation of liberty.”

Beyond that request, del Castillo has kept relatively quiet throughout this ordeal, save for one tweet.

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