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Accused ‘Duck Sauce Killer’ Takes His Own Life While Out on Bail Just Before Scheduled Court Date


Glenn Hirsch being walked out of a precinct in Queens

New York City’s alleged and so-called “Duck Sauce Killer” took his own life while out on bail, inside his own apartment, on Friday morning.

Glenn Hirsch, 51, was accused of murder in the second degree and various other charges related to the long-running harassment and eventual slaying of 45-year-old Chinese food deliveryman Zhiwen Yan, who died in Forest Hills, Queens in late April of this year.

“The loss of a human life is always tragic,” Queens District Attorney Melinda Katz said in a statement provided to Law&Crime.

“Obviously, we would have preferred to try Mr. Glenn Hirsch for the calculated murder of Mr. Zhiwen Yan in a court of law, but this is no longer an option,” Katz’s statement continued. “We once again express our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Mr. Zhiwen Yan, who continue to grieve his tragic and senseless loss.”

According to online news website,, which aggregates coverage from several borough-specific magazines and newspapers, Hirsch was found dead in his home at 10:06 a.m. by police.

The man who hailed from the Briarwood neighborhood of Queens died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, his attorney told the outlet.

Accused of stalking, threatening and shooting the victim in Forest Hills, Queens, the since-deceased defendant had an alleged affinity for duck sauce, a light orange Chinese food condiment that is typically provided gratis with take-out and delivery orders.

Police and prosecutors believe Hirsch came to despise Yan over a 2021 dispute over the amount of duck sauce received in a take-out order. Katz previously termed the underlying situation a “petty dispute” that became “obsessive point of contention” as Hirsch would go on to spend months stalking and harassing employees at the Great Wall Restaurant in Forest Hills.

Hirsch pleaded not guilty to the numerous criminal charges against him. His defense attorney did concede there was argument in November 2021 but said the dispute and rancor ended after that.

On the day Yan was killed, Hirsch was not having any food delivered or picking up an order. Despite that, investigators say, the defendant’s car was seen circling the restaurant at least seven times within a two-hour time period. Eventually, law enforcement said, Hirsch followed Yan, who was making a delivery on a scooter, and shot the victim.

“Mr. Yan dropped off the food order and returned to the scooter and rode away,” Katz’s office said in a prior press release. “He then stopped at a red light at 67th Drive and 108th Street. At that point, the defendant approached the victim on foot. Mr. Yan recognized Hirsch and started to back away on the scooter. But in that moment the defendant allegedly fired a single shot. The bullet ripped into Mr. Yan’s chest; he fell to the ground and died as a result of the single gunshot wound.”

Hirsch was indicted in early June of this year.

Shortly after he was taken into custody, Hirsch’s brother paid $500,000 bail. The defendant was outfitted with an ankle monitor and compliant with all bail conditions at the time of his death. He was slated to appear in court later today.

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