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Guys Who Law: Democrats Going After Trump’s Tax Returns is ‘Absolutely Political’


In the recent episode of legal podcast Guys Who Law, Andrew Eisbrouch & Jesse Weber discuss the three main talking points about Donald Trump’s tax returns.

The Guys Who Law focus on the main topic in the news each week, and provide a breakdown of the three major talking points so that the next time you’re out with friends, you sound like a semi-informed, semi-educated person.

First, Congressional Democrats want Trump’s returns from 2013 to 2018. Second, both Congress and Donald Trump’s lawyers have some strong arguments. Lastly, if Trump’s taxes are exposed, it can possibly show potential illegal activity, or even that Trump is not as wealthy as he says he is.

Jesse: “I still think this is so political. And I think that the timing of it matters…”

Andrew: “It’s obviously political!”

Jesse: “Well if that’s the case then Congress doesn’t have a right to it.”

Andrew: “In the president’s opinion. But they’re saying they have an automatic right to the tax returns from the Treasury.”

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