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Sheriff Continues War Of Words With Woman Arrested Over Anti-Trump Bumpersticker


Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls is using his public podium to speak out against a Texas woman who added his name to an unflattering display on the back of her pickup truck.

Karen Fonseca‘s white GMC Sierra recently got her catapulted to the top of national headlines after Nehls penned a viral Facebook post suggesting that she broke the law by placing a large “Fuck Trump And Fuck You For Voting For Him” bumpersticker on the rear window.

Nehls’ initial post was roundly slammed and mocked online. The Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office subsequently scrambled to issue a clarification noting that Nehls’ words were his and his alone. The Fort Bend County District Attorney’s office said they had no interest in targeting Fonseca because of the sticker.

But none of that stopped Nehls from going after Fonseca anyway. On November 16, over an allegedly unrelated issue, Fonseca was arrested at home in front of her six-year-old daughter.

That arrest prompted Fonseca to add the following decal to her pickup truck’s back window display: “Fuck Troy Nehls And Fuck You For Voting For Him”

In response to Fonseca’s new addition, Nehls told KTRH Radio that he wasn’t surprised at being added to the back of her truck’s rolling commentary, saying, “She seems to be very proud of her behavior.”

Nehls then mused about the country in general. He said, “What direction is the arrow pointing today? It’s just a sad state of affairs. Our country is at a moral decline.”

And, when hosts Jimmy Barrett and Shara Fryer asked Nehls for a direct assessment of Fonseca, he said:

She certainly is receiving her 15 minutes of fame. I almost believe it’s 15 minutes of shame.

During a press conference yesterday morning, Fonseca and her attorney revealed that they are considering filing a civil rights lawsuit against Nehls over the allegedly politically-based arrest.

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