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Author Claims Cartoon Network Ripped Off ‘Black Jesus’ Idea


New York author Saint Solomon claims the Cartoon Network stole Jesus from him. Well, Black Jesus, to be precise, a character common to both Solomon’s 1999 story “Thank You, Jesus,” and a live action comedy series on the channel’s Adult Swim programming block simply called “Black Jesus.”

Solomon, real name Randy Brown, claims in a federal complaint that the character and premise for the cable show were taken straight out of his work. Solomon says that the main character in the TV series is just like the one in his story: black, prone to cursing, likes to drink, believes he’s the son of God, and, of course, named Jesus. Solomon’s lawsuit, filed against Adult Swim, Cartoon Network, parent company Time Warner, and others, also notes that both feature a friend of Jesus’ who keeps looking for money-making schemes. Solomon also says that both characters dress the same way.

It’s Solomon’s belief, according to court documents, that the television show, which ran from 2014 to 2015, takes place years after his story ends. At the end of “Thank You, Jesus,” Jesus is kicked out of his father’s home, and in the show, he’s homeless.

Based on all that, the lawsuit says the show is “an impermissible adaptation of [Solomon’s] short story.”

Solomon is seeking $75 million in damages.

A representative from Cartoon Network-Adult Swim declined to comment on the matter, telling that they don’t discuss pending litigation.

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