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Officer Indicted for Allegedly Bribing Juvenile Inmates to Commit Fatal Attack on Teen


An officer at the Miami-Dade Regional Juvenile Detention Center was indicted for his alleged role in encouraging detainees to attack 17-year-old Elord Revolte. A federal grand jury charged Antwan Johnson, who “operated a bounty system in order to help ensure obedience and officer respect,” according to the indictment. Revolte died as a result of the attack on August 31, 2015. More than a dozen juveniles allegedly carried out the assault.

Johnson is not the only officer said to be involved in the bounty system, the Miami Herald reported. The indictment states that juvenile detainees were offered snacks and special privileges to get them to attack other youths at the center.  Johnson allegedly used code words and phrases, as well as gestures to signal to the detainees to carry out an attack.

Sources told the Herald that Johnson was arrested Monday morning, and was expected to appear in court in the afternoon.

Department of Juvenile Justice Secretary Christina K. Daly said in a statement:

The Department of Juvenile Justice’s primnary focus is to ensure the safety and security of all youth in our care, and our entire staff was saddened by the very sudden and untimely death of Elord Revolte.

Daly said that her office has cooperated with authorities during their investigation, and that Johnson will be fired.

“It is our expectation that any staff who jeopardize the safety of youth be held fully accountable for their actions, including criminal prosecution,” Daly said. “The behavior detailed in the indictment is appalling and inexcusable. In response to today’s findings, the Department is taking immediate action to terminate this employee.”

Johnson was not charged in Revolte’s death, but he is facing one count of conspiracy and one count of violating the Revolte’s civil rights.

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