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WATCH: Murder Suspect Escapes Police Interrogation Room Through Ceiling


Alonso Perez does not want to go to prison. The 25-year-old escaped from a police interrogation room by breaking his cuffs, and climbing through the ceiling. And yes, it was caught on tape.

Let’s rewind this a bit.

Perez is a suspect in the shooting death of Mohammad Robinson. Witnesses told The North Las Vegas Police Department that these two got into an altercation in front of a McDonald’s because Robinson didn’t hold a door open for a woman. In a case of “God, that escalated quickly,” Perez allegedly opened fire.

Cops brought Perez in on September 2. The end? No.

As seen on police surveillance footage, Perez found himself alone in an interrogation room. He broke free from his cuffs, then climbed out through the ceiling.

He’s back in custody, though. Police found him at a home on Tuesday, arresting him after a three-hour standoff.

The incident has caused local police to reevaluate their practices. Now there will always be an officer in the interrogation room with a suspect.

[screengrab via The North Las Vegas Police Department]

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