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Trump Says He Didn’t Speak to Mueller ‘Because They Were Looking to Get Us for Lies’


President Donald Trump said in a new interview that he didn’t speak to the team of Special Counsel Robert Mueller “because they were looking to get us for lies, for slight misstatements.”

ABC’s George Stephanopoulos had asked him why he only answered written questions about contact with Russia, but did not discuss anything under oath, let alone answer questions about obstruction of justice.

“I looked at what happened at people, and it was very unfair,” Trump said. “Very, very unfair. Very unfair.”

Former Trump team members Michael Flynn and Robert Gates have pleaded guilty to lying to investigators. There’s speculation Flynn might withdraw his guilty plea because he’s been changing up his legal team. Roger Stone is charged in a similar case in federal court. He pleaded not guilty, and is going to trial.

The president denies wrongdoing when it comes to Russia and his administration, and construed accusations as a politically motivated “witch hunt” meant to undermine his presidency.

According to a report from the office of Special Counsel Robert Mueller determined that while Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election, and the Trump campaign expected to benefit, investigators did not establish conspiracy or coordination. Nonetheless, authorities did detail incidents in which the president may or may not have committed obstruction of justice. Mueller, however, punted on making a firm conclusion on the matter.

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