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‘I Don’t Give a F–k!!’ Fired Walmart Employee Goes on Rampage


A freshly fired employee got the attention of Walmart shoppers in Fort Myers, Florida, when she went on a rampage through the store after learning of her termination on Tuesday. The woman, whose identity is unknown at this time, was said to have thrown various items on the floor, and could be heard shouting profanity. Some of the commotion was caught on video and posted to Facebook by someone at the scene.

“I don’t give a f–k!!” the now-former employee can be heard while marching through the aisles, other store workers ineffectively following behind. Clothes can be seen strewn all over the floor, apparent casualties of her tantrum. A small child can be seen running away from the path of destruction.

Austin Sawyer, who took the above video, told local WFTX, “I saw 2 liters busted all over the floor, there was bread loaves being thrown, the employee was punching holes in signs, throwing things all over the floor.”

One opportunistic person can be overheard asking, “Y’all hiring now?”

Officers reportedly arrived at the scene soon after the incident, but it’s unknown if the woman will face any charges.

A Walmart spokesperson told the station, “We are aware of the situation but cannot discuss specific personnel matters.”

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