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President Barack Obama Reports For Jury Duty


Barack Obama recently left his home near the icy shores of Lake Michigan to report for jury duty.

The former president is possibly already inside the Richard J. Daley Center after leaving the affluent confines of his Kenwood-area estate on the South Side of Chicago.

There were apparently multiple conflicting reports today about exactly, when, where, and how the 44th president would arrive to fulfill his civic obligations. As of now, those details remain somewhat of a mystery.

A large herd of reporters and photographers have been camped outside of the building since early this morning. According to one source for the Chicago Sun-Times, Obama utilized a secret underground entrance around 9 am CST. Another Sun-Times source contradicted that, saying Obama had planned to arrive around 10 am.

At some point, however, the man perhaps best known for giving the country a new healthcare regime bearing his own name made it to the downtown halls of justice in Chi-town. Obama arrived with Cook County Chief Judge Tim Evans at his side–decked out in signature Obama-style.

Whether he’ll actually end up serving on a jury is another question entirely.

According to WBEZ‘s criminal justice reporter Shannon Heffernan, “Lawyers waiting say they’d never want him on [a] jury.”

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