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Chelsea Handler Tells The View She’s ‘Sexually Vibrating’ Over Robert Mueller


Author and comedian Chelsea Handler isn’t exactly shy about how she feels about Special Counsel Robert Mueller. It turns out she’s a fan. A really, really big fan. In her new book, Life Will Be the Death of Me, Handler first wrote about her crush on Mueller. Handler expounded on the subject using some pretty strong terms Tuesday on The View.

Host Joy Behar brought up the subject almost immediately during the discussion.

“What is this I hear that you have a crush on Robert Mueller?” Behar asked, before describing him as “adorable” and “the strong silent type.” She then pointed out that we don’t know much about Mueller and that he could be boring.

“I’ll take boring at this point,” Handler said. “I mean when you put him up against who he’s going after, then yes I’m sexually vibrating off of that.” She noted that she likes “that he crosses his t’s and he dots his i’s.”

That being said, Handler said the extent of her feelings are dependent on what is learned upon the release of Mueller’s report.

“Until we see the full report, we won’t know how attracted I am,” she said.

Host Whoopie Goldberg then took things further.

“But you know he has a slow hand, we know that,” Goldberg said, perhaps playing on how long Mueller’s investigation took.

“I love a slow hand,” Behar chimed in.

Handler then made it clear that this is all a fantasy, of course, as Mueller is a married man.

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