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‘You Fat Mexican B*tches!’: White Women Scream at Hispanic Family During Physical Encounter (VIDEO)


Two white women were caught on video verbally and physically attacking their Latinx neighbors this week. The incident occurred in the small Denver suburb of Commerce, Colorado.

Posted to YouTube by Carlos Ruiz, the three-minute-long video begins in the midst of a physical altercation. The footage is unclear but appears to show one of the female neighbors and the two white women grappling. A male neighbor shouted, “Let her go!” Then another neighbor attempted to break up the fracas.

At that point, one of the white women began flailing her arms and screaming, “You know what? Back off. You old ass fat bitch, get off!” The altercation continued as the white woman and neighbor traded slaps.

The video cuts in again with the white women screaming at the family in front of their home.

After a series of shouts and attacks, one of the white women started to explain that the police are on the way, asking, “Who do you think they’re going to believe?”

“You’re drunk, I’m not, you’re going to jail,” the neighbor responded.

“You are!” the white woman replied.

The next scene is arguably the most telling. A female member of the family sternly reminded the white woman, “You came to my property!” This upset the white woman to a breaking point.

“You know what? Look at yourself! Compared to me, who are you? Who are you to us? No, all of you!” she screamed.

The white women then made a show of pretending to head back home–directly across the street–before reminding their neighbors that they’ll be living there for the rest of the year.

Eventually,officers with the Commerce City Police Department arrives. As each side made their case to the officers in the two patrol SUVs that arrive, one of the white women lashed out again, screaming, “You old, fat Mexican bitches!”

At this point, one of the officers threatened to jail one of the women, sardonically noting, “It’s looking real good for you.”

[image via screengrab/Carlos Ruiz/YouTube]

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