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Racist Lawyer Hauls Ass After Being Confronted by Reporters (WATCH)


This takes “no comment” to another level. Aaron Schlossberg, the lawyer linked to some now infamous viral video, hauled ass after being questioned by NBC New York’s news team on Thursday.

You can see the footage below.

Video that gained a lot of traction on Wednesday showed a man throwing a fit at the Fresh Kitchen restaurant in midtown Manhattan. He complained about employees speaking Spanish to customers, and threatened to call ICE on them.

People put two and two together, and identified Schlossberg as the guy. As you may have gathered, he has yet to really comment on this. Covering his face with an umbrella, he played keep away when the New York Post approached outside his home. He ignored multiple questions.

He can be heard apparently speaking into a phone, complaining about being accosted by reporters. “They are claiming things they aren’t true,” he said. He accused the reporters of grabbing him, but the Post‘s guy denied it, saying it was Schlossberg who ran into people.

No one picked up when Law&Crime reached out to Schlossberg’s office yesterday and today, but he will no longer have access to the building from which he rents his working space.

He has been evicted, the building told NBC New York in a statement on Thursday.

[Screengrab via NBC]

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