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UPS Workers Save Man From Crowbar Attack In California (WATCH)


A man in California was saved from a crowbar beating after intrepid UPS employees stepped in to ward off his attackers.

The unidentified victim left a bank in Gardena, California on September 7 at around about 2 p.m. Surveillance footage shows the shocking and inspiring series of events that happen next.

As the red-shirted man steps into the parking lot of a nearby UPS store and stops to check his phone, two purple-clad men approach him from behind. One of the attackers removes a yellow crowbar from the inside of his jacket as the other grabs the victim by his shoulders and slams him into into the handicapped symbol painted on the ground.

The other purple-clad man then rears back with the crowbar as if to strike–but drops it instead. He scrambles to pick it up as his partner drags the red-shirted man and appears to punch him and grab at his belongings. The crowbar-wielder then pokes and taps around the edges of the chaos. He appears to lightly strike a blow or two with his yellow weapon.

The would-be thieves don’t get too far along, though.

As the scene unfolds, a group of four UPS employees rush out to aid the man. Their ambush gone awry, the purple-wearing criminals take a couple of potshots at their attempted mark and one of the khaki-clad Good Samaritans before running off.

The man in the red shirt was not seriously injured.

So, what can Brown do for you? Sometimes just as much–if not more–than the boys in blue.

[image via screengrab; video courtesy Gardena Police Department]

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