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Tennessee State Football Player Kicked Off Team After Punching Coach (WATCH)


A football player with the Tennessee State University Tigers was removed from the team–and expelled from the university–after punching one of his coaches on the sideline during an offensive play.

Defensive end Latrelle Lee punched strength coach T.J. Greenstone twice in the head during last weekend’s game against the Southest Missouri State Redhawks at Hale Stadium in Nashville.

Greenstone recovered somewhat from the first punch, but Lee’s fist returned almost immediately, sending the couch down to the ground. Greenstone first landed on his knees, then rolled flat onto his back, and lay there stunned on the sky blue sideline.

It’s presently unclear exactly why Lee punched Greenstone, however, according to a reportĀ in the Tennessean, part of Greenstone’s job is to keep players away from the field when they’re not playing in order to avoid penalties. The strength coach had apparently just completed one such sideline sweep when he was punched.

A former football player at Vanderbilt, Greenstone has been with the team for four seasons. Before he was expelled, Lee was in his fourth year at Tennessee State as a criminal justice major. He made the Ohio Valley Conference Commissioner’s Honor Roll in 2016. Coach Rod Reed kicked Lee off the team that same night. The Tigers later won, 23-20, on a last-ditch field goal. Lee did not play during the game in question.

On Monday morning, he was expelled from school.

[image via screengrab; video courtesy The Tennessean]

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