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‘I Will F*ck Your Ass Up’; Drake Threatens Man Allegedly Groping Women At Show


Canadian rapper Drake recently threatened a fan who appeared to be groping women at a show. The event in question took place during a post-concert performance at a nightclub in Australia last night.

In the clip, filmed at the Marquee Sydney, Drake is performing his song “Know Yourself,” which was released on the album “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late.” The crowd at the after party is engaged, cheerful and singing along to the hook–standard fare for a Drake-hosted evening of entertainment.

But then, things go from zero to one-hundred with dizzying speed.

All of a sudden, the beat drops out of orbit and the music stops completely. Drake tells his DJ to stop the music as he’s got something to say.

Then, the child-star turned mic doctor hones in on an unruly fan with surgical precision. Pointing him out to everyone in attendance, Drake confronts a man who was allegedly groping women at the show without their consent. He says:

If you don’t stop it–if you don’t stop touching girls, I’m gonna come over there and fuck you up.

The crowd goes all agog at Drake’s threat–cheering and clapping to a point of definite din. But that’s not all.

Motivated to continue further–either by the fan’s pleading response or the crowd’s triumphant approval–Drake continues his verbal barrage against the accused abuser. This time less patient; more vigorous; Drake says:

If you don’t stop putting your hands on girls. I’m gonna come out there and fuck your ass up.

Then, Drake puts down the microphone and appears to engage the man more directly. The camera pans as Drake and the fan in question apparently go back and forth, but the crowd noise overwhelms whatever discussion may be taking place.

The problem is apparently solved, however, as the Toronto-born MC cues the music back up just seconds later.

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