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Zip Tie Guy’s Mom Arrested After Also Carrying Zip Ties at D.C. Insurrection


Lisa Marie Eisenhart

Like son, like mother? A woman has followed her child to being a defendant in the D.C. insurrection. Lisa Marie Eisenhart, 56, was arrested Saturday in Tennessee, according to The Department of Justice. This happens a week after her son Eric Gavelek Munchel, 30, was charged as an individual seen on the Senate floor holding zip tie restraints, which authorities described as flex cuffs.

Officials had noted Eisenhart’s presence in the Capitol Building, but they did not charge her until now. Investigators say there’s footage the mother also held flex cuffs that January 6. She has previously denied wrongdoing, telling The Tennessean in a Tuesday report that they saw the restraints on the top of an “already opened cabinet” in a hallway of the Capitol Building.

“We picked them up to prevent them falling into hands of bad actors,” she said.

Excerpt of the affidavit.

The Federal Bureau of Investigators say Eisenhart and Munchel were nearby when a “mob of individuals” attacked two Capitol police officers who were guarding the entrance to the Senate chambers. Those officers ran past the mother and son, with the mob continuing to chase, according to this story.

“Right after they pass EISENHART and MUNCHEL immediately follow behind the individuals pursuing the officers,” stated the affidavit. “MUNCHEL and EISENHART are seen holding flex cuffs in each of their hands during the pursuit. The footage reflects that both officers ultimately made good on their escape to a lower level of the building, as well as EISENHART then appearing to shout at the officers while leaning over a bannister.”

Authorities say Eisenhart and Munchel were in the Senate chamber moments later.

Eisenhart faces charges including violent entry or disorderly conduct, obstructing any law enforcement officer lawfully engaged in official duties during the commission of a civil disorder, and conspiracy.

Supporters of President Donald Trump raided the Capitol Building on January 6 after POTUS continued to lie that he actually won the 2020 presidential election and that it was being stolen from him. Insurrectionists paused, but did not prevent Congress from certifying results on behalf of President-elect Joe Biden.

[Image via FBI]

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