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‘Traitors Get Shot’: Texas Man Allegedly Threatened His Kids to Keep Them Quiet About His Involvement in D.C. Insurrection


Man identified as Guy Wesley Reffitt

Friends, family, and acquaintances are a running theme in the D.C. insurrection. In substantiating identities, authorities have often cite those who previously knew or still know the defendants. Perhaps there’s no example of the latter more fraught than that of Texas man Guy Wesley Reffitt. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Reffitt threatened his son and daughter to keep quiet about his involvement in the events of Jan. 6.

Investigators say that the defendant was caught on video washing his eyes out amid rioters and police spraying each other with chemicals irritants. For example, a number of insurrectionists seemed to be using bear spray. Supporters of then-President Donald Trump raided the Capitol Building after he continued to lie that he actually won the 2020 presidential election, falsely stating that it was being stolen from him. Five people died amid the chaos: four Trump supporters, and one Capitol police officer.

The man identified as Reffitt appears in a relative close-up beginning at about 0:39 of the video below.

Investigators said they matched this individual with Reffitt’s Texas driver’s license. It’s him, they say, but that’s not the only evidence they cite in placing him at the insurrection. According to the affidavit, authorities executed a search warrant at his home in Wylie, Texas. There, the defendant’s son–Jackson Reffitt, 18, who has since spoken to multiple media outlets–said the his father told the family about raiding the Capitol and being armed.

He claimed that his father threatened him more than once. From the affidavit:

Son provided the following information: On or about Monday, January 11, 2021, while REFFITT was in REFFITT’s home with Son and Daughter, REFFITT stated that REFFITT had to “erase everything” because the FBI was now watching REFFITT. REFFITT further told Son that if Son crossed the line and reported REFFITT to the police, putting the family in jeopardy, REFFITT would have no option but to do REFFITT’s duty for REFFITT’s country, and “do what he had to do.” Son asked REFFIT words to the effect of, “Are you threatening us?” REFFITT responded with words to the effect of, “Don’t put words in my mouth.” Son understood REFFITT’s statements to be a threat to Son’s life.

The younger Reffitt said that another threat was directed toward his sister, whom the FBI said is a minor. The daughter was using her cell phone to speak with friends. From the son’s account, as told in the affidavit:

REFFITT stated to Daughter that if Daughter were recording REFFITT or put this (meaning REFFITT’s comments) anywhere on social media, then Daughter will have crossed the line, betrayed the family, and REFFITT was going to “put a bullet through” Daughter’s phone. Daughter asked REFFITT why REFFITT was making them choose sides and threatening Son and Daughter.

Another oft-quoted alleged threat was one from January 11, 2021.

“If you turn me in, you’re a traitor and you know what happens to traitors…traitors get shot,” Guy Reffitt allegedly told his son and daughter.

“It was my moral compass, kind of, to do what I thought would protect not only my family but my dad himself,” Jackson Reffitt told Fox 4 in a Saturday report. “And it wasn’t just because I think my dad is aggressive. I think what he’s been manipulated into thinking is aggressive.”

Investigators said they found an AR-15 rifle and a Smith & Wesson pistol at the home. In their account, the daughter said she did not think her father was a danger to the family. From the affidavit:

Daughter provided the following information: Daughter did not feel that REFFITT was a threat to anyone in the family. Daughter stated that Daughter did not want to further incriminate REFFITT, given that REFFITT was already being arrested.

The defendant’s wife said likewise. From the affidavit:

Spouse provided the following information: Spouse did not believe REFFITT would act on his words and, according to Spouse, neither Spouse nor Son or Daughter felt threatened, but rather “disturbed” by REFFITT “extreme” statements.

Spouse provided the following information: REFFITT [a member of the “3%er” organization] is “super passionate” and sometimes says things that REFFITT does not mean.

Reffitt is charged with knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted building or grounds without lawful authority; and obstruction of justice. Online records do not name an attorney in this matter.

[Image via FBI]

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