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Woman Allegedly Hits Car Because of Pro-Trump Bumper Sticker



Taking the #Resistance to a new level? Chloe Wright, a 25-year-old woman from Hyannis, Massachusetts has been charged with assault with a dangerous weapon, vandalizing property, and leaving the scene of property damage after allegedly intentionally hitting a car because of a pro-Trump bumper sticker.

The victim, who is identified only as Brendan, recounted the events to CBS Boston.

The incident began at a red light, Brendan said, where Wright began to honk her horn, before following Brendan and his girlfriend down another street, continuing her honking. She then allegedl began to yell out of her car at Brendan and his passenger, and Brendan responded by stepping out of his car, into the street.

“I could hear her screaming out the car, so I’m like, ‘Man, maybe there’s something wrong with my car,’” he recalled. “So I get out and then all of a sudden I hear, ‘You’re racist,’ and a bunch of cuss words.”

 The victim alleges that Wright then asked if he had voted for Trump, and when he responded that he had, Wright proceeded to hit his Jeep Cherokee, damaging the driver’s side door. He said she then fled the scene. 

“She bent my door and I had to lean back to avoid getting hit,” Brendan claimed.  “She also hit the side of my car.”

The victim recorded the incident on his cellphone and his girlfriend, who was also in the car, confirmed the details of the incident to the police, according to the Cape Cod Times.

Wright, who pleaded not guilty, was identified after a random license plate check showed an open warrant related to the charges. She was released after posting $1,250 in bail and ordered to keep her distance from the victim. Wright will have a pre-trial hearing on August 28th, 2018.

[Image via CBS Boston screengrab]

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