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The Dan Abrams Podcast: Election Law Expert Rick Hasen Talks Georgia’s New Voting Law


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Law&Crime founder Dan Abrams sat down with Rick Hasen, author of “Election Meltdown” and Professor of Law and Political Science at UC Irvine, to discuss potential legal challenges in Georgia. Georgia’s new election laws place new voting restrictions on early and absentee voting as well as restructure the State Election Board. These controversial changes have sparked discussions about legal challenges due to claims that Georgia Republicans are suppressing African American voters.

Hasen discusses how these potential legal challenges might affect this legislation and what issues may come up in court. The key argument is: “Are Georgia Republicans targeting Black voters, and how can you prove that?” What strategies will activists use to overturn this bill? How will Republicans respond? What does the future of Georgian elections look like?

Listen to their full, in-depth conversation on election law and gerrymandering to learn more. You can also watch a clip below:

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