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This Week on The Dan Abrams Podcast: Former Impeachment Lawyer for House Dems Says There’s a Better Chance for Trump Conviction This Time


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Law&Crime founder and host of The Dan Abrams Podcast, Dan Abrams, spoke with former Majority Lead Counsel in the 2019 House impeachment inquiry Daniel Goldman about former President Donald Trump’s upcoming second impeachment trial. Abrams and Goldman compared and contrasted the current case with the prior one, considering what has changed in the Senate and the consequences conviction could bring.

After Jan. 6, more members of the GOP condemned the former president’s actions, but will this condemnation lead to a conviction? There is less at stake now that Trump is out of office and lost his Twitter account, yet his shadow still looms over the Republican Party. Some Republicans may want to remove Trump’s presence from their platform regardless of blowback or personal threats, seeing Trumpism as a long-term and existential threat to the GOP. Others remain concerned that going on record against Trump and siding with Democrats will only mean they will be primaried from the pro-Trump right, leading the party farther right. Many Republicans will not vote to convict Trump based on the argument that there is no jurisdiction to hold a trial in the Senate after a president is already out of office. Still others will be cognizant that no president impeached by the House, regardless of the circumstances, has ever been convicted in the Senate.

These are some of the politics that will be in play when it comes time for Senators to decide whether to convict or acquit. Despite the long shot guilty verdict, Daniel Goldman believes that this trial has a greater chance of ending with a Trump conviction than the first. Listen to the full podcast to find out why.

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