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The Dan Abrams Podcast: Dan Discusses COVID-19 Lab Leak Theory


Dan Abrams Podcast

Listen to the podcast here:

Law&Crime founder Dan Abrams sat down with Mediaite’s Caleb Howe to discuss the COVID-19 lab leak theory and the media’s handling of it. Recently, the Biden administration ordered the intelligence agencies to investigate the origins of COVID-19. Chinese officials have scoffed at and resisted the idea, lobbing accusations of politicization against the United States.

Howe is a media critic and editor at Mediaite who analyzes how the coverage of the theory went wrong and what the media could have done. The pair discusses Howe’s article, “Why Did Media Label the Wuhan Lab Theory ‘Baseless’ and ‘Debunked’ When it is Neither of Those Things?”

You can listen to their full conversation above.

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