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The Dan Abrams Podcast: Dan and Elie Honig Discuss Potential Indictments Against Gaetz, Trump, Giuliani


Dan Abrams Podcast

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In the latest episode of his podcast, Law&Crime founder Dan Abrams sat down with CNN senior legal analyst Elie Honig, author of the new book “Hatchet Man,” to discuss potential indictments against Rudy Giuliani, Rep. Matt Gaetz, former President Donald Trump, and Hunter Biden.

They discuss the claims of politicization of the Department of Justice and whether or not that impacts the ongoing investigations of big political figures of the Trump administration. Honig gives his insight as a former federal and state prosecutor for the DOJ. As a member of both George Bush’s DOJ and Barack Obama’s DOJ, Honig discusses what he observed during the transfer of power and what changes have occurred between Trump and Joe Biden’s administrations.

The pair gets into all the latest details about Gaetz’s former associate Joel Greenberg’s guilty plea and what that means for a potential Gaetz indictment.

You can listen to the full discussion above.

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