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Current Owner of Justice Alito’s Former N.J. Home Has Been Receiving ‘Harassing Packages,’ Cops Say

Justice Alito

Justice Alito

Cops say that strangers have been sending “harassing packages” to a home formerly inhabited by a noted native New Jerseyan who led the Supreme Court’s conservative majority in overturning Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey late last week.

In an effort to “hopefully put an end to this [harassing] activity,” the West Caldwell Police Department said Sunday — two days after the landmark ruling overturning abortion rights — that people have been sending “harassing packages” to a residence that Justice Samuel Alito used to own and hasn’t lived in more than a decade.

Cops suggested that strangers on the internet found and acted upon “erroneous” information claiming that Alito still lives in the West Caldwell residence in question.

“The West Caldwell Police Department has responded to multiple calls at a residence formerly owned by Justice Samuel Alito. Erroneous information was circulating on the internet that indicated that Justice Alito still resides in West Caldwell, and individuals have been sending harassing packages to the current resident,” the department said.

According to police, Alito “moved out of West Caldwell just after being confirmed to the US Supreme Court, 15 years ago in 2007.”

Cops warned anyone thinking about subjecting the current homeowner to harassment that they “will be charged and prosecuted.”

“The current homeowner has no affiliation with Justice Alito and deserves to live in peace in their home free from harassment, regardless of anyone’s political beliefs,” cops said.

The statement from police on apparently politically motivated harassment of a homeowner comes at a time of heightened security outside of the justices’ current residences — and in the aftermath of a recent alleged threat on the life of Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

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