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Warehouse Accidents


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In recent years, people have started buying things online, which increases warehouses’ workload and leads to more people working. This can be counted as a positive point, but we cannot deny that because of more packages, the chances of hazardous accidents grow. “Increased workload in warehouses adds to the risk of an already high number of warehouse accidents due to a high number of workers and hazardous conditions,” notes warehouse accident injury lawyer Charles Boyk.

Reasons for accidents:

Improper use of forklifts is one of the primary reasons people get hurt. As they are used to moving around items, there is a chance of hitting someone as one cannot see clearly. One study from 2019 also states that, on average, 15 worker deaths in America occur every single day.

The other main reason for warehouse accidents is the falling of packages from higher shelves which can be avoided but still leads to many accidents every month, especially the odd-shaped objects as they need to be stored properly. It’s not the packages that fall but also the pallet racks used to store packages. If they fall from high locations, they can even kill the person they fall onto.

Falling packages and merchandise is not the only thing that causes accidents. Also, people getting exposed to certain chemicals or spilling them can lead to big fires. Companies are familiar with the trouble chemicals can create, so they make safety guidelines, but not every time they are followed. There is also a possibility of employees or customers slipping, which can sometimes become the reason for severe accidents.

How to avoid things from falling?

There is a proper way to stack things in a warehouse or anywhere so that they don’t fall. The heaviest item has to be placed on the bottom shelf, and the lightest item should be placed on top. Doing so can prevent not only the falling of the merchandise but also preclude the chances of the shelf/pallet racks falling. On the other hand, we should also take care of slippery or uneven ground to avoid any minor or major inconvenience it can cause.

How to stop forklift mishandling?

The forklift is the machine that requires to be checked every once in a while to assure safety. Along with that, the workers hired for using forklifts have to be professionals as it’s not something everyone can handle easily; workers who are allowed to use forklifts should be adequately trained. Companies should arrange refresher classes to decrease the probability of improper use of forklifts.

The person who uses the forklift should remember that they should not drive fast or carry more weight than the machine can handle. There should be a proper rearview mirror to increase the visibility along with headlights for the darker areas.

Other safety precautions and tips:

The warehouse dealing with dangerous chemicals and stuff should provide their employees with proper guidance about handling the chemical, instructions on what to do in case of emergencies, along with safety gear such as gloves, goggles, etc.

Every piece of equipment in the warehouse should have a check daily or at least from time to time to reduce the chances of accidents. The warehouse should be kept clean such as dry floors, and also keeping the tracks of the forklift clear to avoid any trouble. Not only forklifts but also the loading vehicles and workers themselves should work slowly as rushing through things can be dangerous.

A company should also make different walking and driving paths, keep a check over the accidents that repeatedly occur so that it can avoid it by rechecking the cause of them again and again, and also solve if there is a problem with their machines or any storage racks.

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