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How This Electrician Fought Back After Coworkers Allegedly Flattened Tires on 3 of Her Vehicles


Many people spend more time with their coworkers than family. What happens when those important professional relationships fall apart, and even become violent in acts of retaliation? Electrician Desiree Trippett said this happened to her.

Joined by her attorney from White, Hilferty & Albanese, she told Law&Crime Network host Jesse Weber that she faced discrimination from her colleagues. In one run-in, three of her male coworkers started talking about her body parts, she said. One said she slept around to get her job as shop steward, and another said that her body would “fall to the ground” if she took off her clothes.

It’s not like she was going to get support from management. She said that her boss was verbally abusive, and made unwanted advances toward her. She said that when she complained about this to the general foreman, he told her this was a man’s business and she needed to get thicker skin.

Trippett said she faced retaliation for coming forward with her story.

“So they started coming to my house,” she said. “They flattened all the tires on three of my vehicles.”

Trippett was facing economic damage and emotional trauma. She needed to fight back. Faced with discrimination from her colleagues, she went to White, Hilferty & Albanese for help. They specialize in addressing discrimination, harassment, and termination controversies. Now Trippett is suing her employer and union.

Vincent White, a partner at the firm, spoke about her case with Weber. He explained what people can do if they find themselves facing sexual discrimination as Trippett said she did.

“You have to document, document, document,” White said. “Keep track of what’s been done to you and who was there. Who witnessed it? Who might be able to speak on your behalf? And then, speak to an attorney. Anyone in our field should be thrilled to help you. They should always be free of charge, and you need to get your questions answered so you know you’re making the right tactical choices and stand up for yourself.”

White, Hilferty & Albanese can help you make those tactical choices. Learn more here.

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