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9/11 Victim Compensation Fund Has 2020 Deadline. Learn If You Qualify.


Health effects from the September 11 attacks continue to harm New Yorkers. If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with any cancer, Respiratory or Lung Disease and you lived or worked in lower Manhattan in the months following that tragic day, you may be eligible for compensation from the Victim Compensation Fund. Contact Eisbrouch Marsh, LLC at 1-888-CALL-LAW for a free consultation to find out if you qualify under the Zadroga Act.

Debris removal after the attacks exposed first responders and locals to toxic material. Applicants don’t need to prove that their condition is due to the attacks, only that they lived in specified areas between the September 11th attacks and 05/30/2002.

“This is a fund that was created specifically to compensate people if they meet the two-prong requirement,” Attorney David Eisbrouch said in an appearance on the Law&Crime Network. “The two prongs being the illness–the disease–and the presence requirement of living, working, or going to school below Canal Street.”

The law also covers these areas:

* Fresh Kills landfill on Staten Island
* New York City morgue
* Trucks/barges/transportation removing Ground Zero debris and wreckage
* Locations where emergency vehicles were cleaned
* Shanksville, PA crash site
* The Pentagon crash site

Time is of the essence, however. You have only until December 18, 2020 to make a claim, and it’s not immediately clear if the federal government will extend it again.


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