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NRA TV: Second Amendment Provides ‘The Firepower’ To Stand Up To Liberals In Government


A guest on the NRA’s in-house television program today said the Second Amendment is important because it offers “the firepower” to stand up to so-called liberal “tyrants” in government.

During a discussion between host Grant Stinchfield and guest Jenn Jacques, the topic turned to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (“CFPB”). Stinchfield began the segment by terming the CFPB “a giant mess,” which “shouldn’t even be a federal agency,” and “should be disbanded,” because people are “fed up.”

Jacques eagerly agreed but added the caveat that people are fed up with the CFPB only “if they are hearing about it, because, Jacques claimed, news outlets like CNN and MSNBC are not accurately reporting on the CFPB’s activities. She continued:

And it came out yesterday that the agency is basically a Democratic Party donor bank funding payroll. Because we found out that they have been funding liberal campaigns at a rate of 593, Democratic to one Republican.

The broader CFPB story surrounding the jockeying between Leandra English and Mick Mulvaney has been one of the most contentious and covered political stories of the past week, however, the particular story regarding CFPB employees’ political contributions has largely been covered by conservative movement media outlets like the Washington Examiner and the Daily Caller.

Stinchfield and Jacques then went back and forth a bit, commenting on the tendency of liberals to go into government and how that apparently creates conflicts of interest. At one point, Jacques said, “I believe that our government is so bloated that we just need to have a kind of a beheading if you will, of all of these fat cat liberal bloated government agencies. There is no reason for the CFPB to even exist except to fund Democratic campaigns.”

After Stinchfield heaped praise on Mick Mulvaney’s hiring freeze at the CFPB, Jacques said:

They really do have a stranglehold on us as citizens and again this is why the Second Amendment is so important. I mean we the people have to have the firepower and the manpower to be able to stand up to tyrants in the government just like this.

Stinchfield replied, “Yup, you better believe we do.”

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